JackSandy Week Day 1: We Go Together (what drew you to this pairing)

Okay. These right here. These are a few of my favorite shots that hauled me into what is one of my most beloved pairings today. Right here: Jacks endless effort and determination to save Sandy.

During the Guardians battle with Pitch, Jack put everything aside and struggles against all wits to Sandy’s rescue. He, unfortunately, does not make it in time. Part of Jack’s realization to this is his rage. He rushed head first to Pitch despite the nightmares stomping towards him. Jack then discovers an ability that was able to defeat Pitch temporarily. An ability he would have never have known about if it weren’t for his care for Sandy.

Later at the pole, Jack drowns in his mistake. As he tells North — I wish he could have done something— you can hear the disappoint he spits at himself. Jack failed Sandy at a time when he needed him the most, and what Jack has to show for that failure is his friend gone.
However, North discourages the feeling by explaining— Sandy would be proud. Proud of his bravery and extreme attempt to save him, all while stopping Pitch.

Through out the movie, it is shown that Jack has a great deal of respect and affection for Sandy— and that is what made me fall in love with the pairing the most uvu

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